By Jim McCarthy May 14, 2010 4 comments

My Interview with Dave Barry

I had a chance to interview Dave Barry, the Pulitizer-Prize winning humorist, because of his upcoming appearance in Santa Monica tonight to talk about his new book.  (Which you can buy on Goldstar, incidentally.)  I thought you might enjoy seeing this.  Honestly, Dave is funny even when he’s not saying anything.

Watch the video to find out that his book isn’t just funny; there’s also a very important message in it.  (Trust me, you’ll want to hear what he says the message is.  If I had been drinking coffee when he said it, I would have done a spit take.)  Also, I ask him if he’ll work in an awkward phrase tonight at the event, so watch the video to find out what the phrase is and then go to the event to see if he says it.

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