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What’s Happened to Live Entertainment and a Word about TED

You might have heard there’s been some “controversy” over a talk that TED  “didn’t want you to see” because it was all about wealth inequality.  I put “controversy” in quotes because, like so much of what sites like Huffington Post do is stir up sentiment for the sake of generating page views.

Most of the talks that occur at TED events don’t make the website.  Probably only a single digit percentage do, so by default, talks are NOT on the TED site.

I should know.  I gave a TED-U talk a few years ago (at the actual TED conference, mind you, not at a TEDx) that never made the TED site.  I think it was well received live, but it never got onto the TED site.  Boo hoo.  Their site, their choice.

But the controversy made me think of it, and I decided to post a re-read of it today.  I’ve mentioned this talk several times to people in the last couple weeks, interestingly, when they’ve asked me about the long term trends in live entertainment.  Cutting to the chase: the trend is good.

Anyway, here’s the OTHER talk TED didn’t want you to see, except for the fact that they provided me with a stage to deliver it to almost a thousand audience members and put it on the video record of TED 2009.

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