By Jim McCarthy Sep 8, 2010 4 comments

What Makes a Renaissance Happen?

Spend ten minutes listening to Fritz Maytag, the man who brought Anchor Brewing (makers of Anchor Steam beer, which is truly a sublime beer if you’ve never tried it) back from the brink of going out of business in 1965 and helped spark the microbrew revolution.  The whole thing’s worth watching, but I want to call your attention to something Fritz says right around the two minute mark.  He’s talking about what made the beer renaissance possible, and he says (I’m paraphrasing) it was the combination of “extremely traditional attitudes toward materials and process” and “modern technology and equipment.”  Take a look:

How can we apply that to live entertainment? I’ll mostly leave that to your imagination except to say a couple of things: would it really be so bad to combine an ‘extremely traditional attitude’ toward doing the performances right with the modern tools and technology to make the audience experience and audience connection much, much better? I’d call that a good place to start.

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