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“Theatre Reflects Our Culture Back At Us…”

Our friend and TEDxBroadway 2012 speaker Jordan Roth once again drops by MSNBC’s studios to talk about the recent run of faith-based shows that have successfully carved out a niche on Broadway, including Book of Mormon, TEDxBroadway co-organizer Ken Davenport’s Godspell, Leap of Faith, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Sister Act. Jordan, as usual, has interesting thoughts to share, including the notion that theatre should reflect the culture that it lives in and therefore religion and faith should be a topic that theatre should take up.  Imagine that: theatre as something relevant to the life of society.  Wait, Jordan, are you trying to tell me that it shouldn’t be an obscure, intellectual sandbox of material nobody really enjoys or feels a connection to?  I knew this kid was onto something…

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