By Jim McCarthy Mar 11, 2011 1 comment

The Thing About Cuts to Government Arts Programs Is…

They’re irrelevant.

They’re irrelevant to the federal budget, so anyone who claims to be a fiscal conservative but wastes a second talking about these cuts is proving that they’re either not serious or can’t do math. Seriously, this money doesn’t even qualify as a rounding error on the Federal budget.

Philosophically, I could get behind working up a libertarian dander about this money being spent where the government has no business getting involved and how it makes the arts and entertainment world worse and less healthy in multiple ways, but why?

At this level of spending, it’s irrelevant.  If you want to talk about reducing spending (which we should really, really, really do) and you’re not talking about social security, medicare, medicaid and interest on the debt, you’re either not serious or you can’t do math.

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    • Tim

      Or raising taxes. Since if you’re really interested in doing something about the debt it’s something you have to do.