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TEDxBroadway Videos-Session 2

(Session 1 and Session 3 also available.)

Session 2 started with Matt Sax bringing us both music and poetry:

Frank Eliason, known to many of you for years as the man behind @comcastcares and now at Citibank, talked about customer service as an affair of the heart:

Kara Larson warned us to be careful when we try to predict the future, in one of the most entertaining talks of the day:

Steve Gullans, venture capitalist, professor, and innovator in multiple fields talked about the future of social media:

Damian Bazadona, President of Situation Interactive, told the group that Broadway is in a talent war that we have to win:

And Barry Khan, the mathematical genius behind dynamic pricing software Qcue talked about collaboration among ticket sellers as a source of future prosperity:

And that’s where Session 2 ended.

(Shortcut to Session 1 and Session 3.)

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