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TEDxBroadway Videos-Session 1

Hear ye! Hear ye!  All the presentations from TEDxBroadway are now available on video.

There were three sessions in the day, and I’m going to create separate posts for each session, starting with Session 1 here.  (Session 2 and Session 3 also available.)

Ken Davenport gave some framing comments for the day:

And we led with Jujamcyn President Jordan Roth, who talked about the true meaning of originality:

And then Randy Weiner, producer of “Sleep No More” in NYC among other unconventional and amazing things, took the stage with some friends:

Patricia Martin then took the stage and created some of the emotional high points of the whole day with her discussion of the Renaissance Generation:

And Session 1 ended with a rousing performance of The Whiskey Song by Joe Iconis and his musical family:

And off we went to the break…

(Shortcut to Session 2 and Session 3.)

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