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Tastemakers, Communities of Participation and Unexpectedness…

The three reasons videos go viral on Youtube, according to Kevin Alloca, who watches the trends on this stuff for Youtube.  It’s 7 minutes and worth watching, if for no other reason to confirm what you should already know, which is that a very significant part of a video “going viral” is luck, blind stinkin’ luck.  I’ve said for years that if you’re trying to make a video that explodes with views because it’s going to go ‘viral,’ you’re doing a fool’s errand.  If on the other hand, you have a community of supporters some of whom care about what you do and want to watch a video, you’ve got a chance of building a reliable, growing audience of watchers who you can reach in a new way.

Anyway, this is part of TED’s new thing, launched today called TED ED, which I strongly recommend you check out.  Meanwhile, here’s the video:

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