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Pick Up “Do the Work” for Free

Through Seth Godin’s Domino Project, in which he is quite modestly working to change the entire book publishing model, there’s a book available for free in its e-book edition that I recommend.  It’s called Do The Work by Steven Pressfield, and it’s a brief, inspirational (in a drill sergeant kind of way) work that’s for you if:

-You’ve ever been convinced you had a great business idea, but could never actually go anywhere with it

-Had a great idea for a book, play, food sculpture or mime epic

-Had a notion that you could do anything at all that would be exciting, beneficial or transform your life for the better

But didn’t actually follow through on those things, which means pretty much everyone except Neil Patrick Harris.  This is the antidote to the ‘resistance’ that you naturally feel to making it happen.

As an entrepreneur with some success to my credit, I can tell you that what Pressfield says about getting started is true: it’s most important to start and keep going.  Once a thing is ‘real,’ it takes on a strange kind of power and momentum, which is precisely the opposite of the inertia that holds a thing back before it takes living form.

It’s probably about 1 hour of reading, and if it gives you a new perspective or tools to deal with your ‘resistance,’ it’s well worth it.

Here’s the book, totally free for download:

Do the Work.

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