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Our Partnership with TED

Last week, I traveled to New York City to announce Goldstar’s partnership with TED.  (If you’re not familiar with TED, do yourself a favor and spend some time on the website.)

I’ve been a TEDster for several years and feel strongly that their mission of spreading good ideas is important and powerful.  Since Goldstar as a company is all about “being there,” we’re naturally drawn to partners like TED, who regularly bring people together around interesting ideas.

A few months ago, our friends at TED told us that the new TEDx program was taking off and could use some support as it grows.  TEDx is a bit like a do-it-yourself TED, where TED, the central organization, provides guidelines and support for people who want to put on and share an event somewhere in the world in the spirit of TED.  It’s a truly fabulous idea and another example of the generosity of spirit of TED and its curator and leader, Chris Anderson.

So we jumped in with both feet because we want to bring TED to the live entertainment business and we want to bring the live entertainment business to TED.  We’re also going to be lending financial and logistical support, as well as expertise in event marketing wherever we can to TEDx organizers around the country.  Our hope of course is that we become an indispensable part of the life of the TED community everywhere, and we’re looking forward to making that happen.

So my message to my friends in live entertainment is that TED is a community that is looking for your participation and contribution.  TEDx in particular is an opportunity to get people thinking and talking about big issues and the things that will really move our world and our culture.  You can participate merely by attending, but you could also speak or even organize a TEDx.  I will probably be reaching out to many of you to suggest or ask that you do just that, as I encounter TEDx organizers looking for support and content.

It’s an exciting partnership that fits right in with Goldstar’s mission and what we’re trying to do, and I’d love to have your input and help.

Here’s a little more about the partnership (it’s a pdf, fair warning) and here’s a photostream from our Spiderman event in NYC last week announcing the partnership.  Thanks a million to the TED crew for helping us organize that and to everyone who showed up!

(BTW, for the “Spiderman” naysayers, I do think you’re missing the point of this show.  I know I’m in the minority here, but I think what this show achieves, even if it’s just momentarily throughout the show, is incredible and this type of ambition and risk-taking should be applauded in our business.  Different topic.)

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    • Carolyn Jaques

      Hello Jim~ How wonderful. I love TED! They always offer amazing new ideas from humanitarians and other geniuses. Congratulations and Thanks for making the connection!