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Nice Piece on Goldstar

I thought I’d share a nice profile written by Randy Lewis in the Company Town feature of the L.A. Times today. ┬áHere’s a quick snippet:

“On the wall in the Pasadena headquarters of the Goldstar ticket service is a concert poster from a decade ago, framed with the will call list showing the names of every Goldstar customer who bought tickets to the show.

Both of them. There were just two customers for the first event the fledgling ticket company offered, a dramatic contrast with the 3 million who are now Goldstar members.
Many of them are drawn by the 50% discount that Goldstar Events Inc. routinely offers on tickets to rock and pop concerts, plays, traveling circuses, Dodgers and Angels baseball games and other sporting and live entertainment events.

But Chief Executive Jim McCarthy insists that price is only one component of the Goldstar mission.

‘Our goal has never been to sell half-price tickets,”‘McCarthy said recently. ‘The goal is to get people out to live entertainment more often, and we use price as one of the ways we enable them to do that.'”

Very cool.

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