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I Have a Question for You…

In October, I’m talking about social media at the Digital Media Boot Camp for Arts Marketers in NYC.  And as I started to think about what I’d say, I kept going backwards, like this:  What should I talk about?  What do people want to know? What are people doing in social media?  What do people think about social media?

Until I arrived at the terminal point in my thinking:

Why does anybody care about social media in the first place?  In this audience, I mean.  Any answer I would have come up with would be just an assumption, so, being a data-driven marketer, I thought I’d start with a question:

Why do you, arts and live entertainment marketers, care about social media?

So if you’ve got an answer, kindly go to the little Facebook poll question that I made and answer please.  You can either check the answers given or add your own.  I’ve gotten a nice handful of responses so far, but I’d like to get a wider range of opinions!  This is really going to be influential on the presentation that I give, and any brilliant insights from anyone who answers will be given full attribution in front of the gathered audience.


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