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Dodgers File Bankruptcy

If you haven’t heard, you will, but you can catch up here.

I feel a little too close to this to give anything resembling objective commentary, but I will say this. That it’s possible for this to happen is a good explanation of the kind of times we’re living in.  Some say the McCourts managed poorly or some  say that MLB didn’t let them do what they needed to do, and that’s expected, but whatever has happened here has happened in the past with baseball, and rarely if ever gotten here before.

We are living through the great Jump Ball, where things that seemed immovable, unbreakable and permanent can change in ways we would never believe just a few years ago.  It’s not always good, but it’s where we are.  A baseball franchise has traditionally been a license to print money.  The Los Angeles (and formerly Brooklyn) Dodgers are the team of Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela, Vin Scully, Branch Rickey, Tommy Lasorda and a dozen others who command legendary status.  The team itself helped bring pro sports to the west coast.

The team isn’t disappearing or anything.  There’s still a tremendous organization and value embedded in it, but that this has happened is, for us here at Goldstar, sad to see.  To our friends at the Dodgers, we’re sad to hear this news, but we know better days are ahead.

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