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Digital Marketing Boot Camp, Poll Question Answers

A couple weeks ago, faced with the prospect of talking about social media to the Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers, I sat down to think about what to say.

And while it’s typically pretty easy for me to hold forth on just about anything, I suddenly realized I had no idea what to say because I had no idea what people wanted to know.  So through the magic of Facebook, I asked.

In short, I wanted to know why anyone cared about social media to begin with.  I didn’t mean that sarcastically.  I meant it literally: why do you care?  I put several possible answers into the question and people were able to add their own, which they did.

The winner?

“Because social media connects [my organization or my client’s organization] to audiences in a fun, interactive way.” About 31% of those who answered chose this one.

It was followed by “Because we want to improve our customer service and communication with it” at just under 30%.

Because we want to sell tickets there” was at a lowly 12% and in fourth place, behind “because so many people are using social media that we want to reach.”

Conveniently for my talk, the most popular answer was one created by one of the survey respondents, Saretta Holler Brown, who does PR work for Situation Marketing.  To see the rest of the answers in full detail, including who answered what, you can check it out for yourself.  Heck feel free to answer the question if the spirit moves you.

If you do answer now, though, you are sadly ineligible for the free pass to the Digital Marketing Boot Camp that we were giving away, because that was awarded to PS 122’s Carleigh Welsh, who was selected at semi-random.  Congrats, Carleigh!  We’ll see you in NYC.

And, just for kicks, here’s a preview of one of my slides for the presentation.  I’ll give a few more sneak peeks as we get closer:

It’ll all make sense later.  Trust me.

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      Post video links of the talk. Good luck!