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Congratulations to the First Community-Produced Broadway Musical!

Today is the launch of my friend Ken Davenport’s  show Godspell on Broadway.  Ken is an innovator, gets a lot of things very right, and is always, always thinking about what’s next.

Godspell is an interesting choice because the content is pretty conventional.  I’m sure it will be very well done (and I’ll see next week when I’m in NYC), but what really makes this interesting and exciting is the way it was done.  As you have gathered if you went to the link above, the thing that makes this production really different from everything that’s come before it is that the funding was crowdsourced.  Dozens (or maybe even hundreds) of people bought shares in this show.  That was Ken’s idea, and he has executed it relentlessly.

Really and truly, Kenny, nice work.  People don’t understand entrepreneurs a lot of times because they over value the idea itself.  Ken didn’t develop a laser beam that turns worn out gym socks into clean-burning fuel for the nation’s mini-vans.  He had a simple, powerful idea and he actually brought it into being.

That’s the essence of entrepreneurship.  Innovation is one thing; execution into innovation is the next and more difficult and more valuable thing.  (For more on this, check out Jim Clifton’s indispensable new book The Coming Jobs War.  Really, you must read this book if you care about the future of our country or the world.)  I’ll take a person who executes at a level 10 with a level 6 idea over a level 6 execution person with a level 10 idea every day.

Now if you’ve got both at a level 10…

So Godspeed, Godspell.  This is an exciting day!  And yes, I will change my profile image on Facebook to be the Godspell guy (I think it’s Jesus) today!

(BTW, full disclosure, Goldstar is a small investor in the show.  Ha, ha, ha! You’ve fallen into my wicked plan to have you get interested in going to a show that we stand to make a tiny, tiny fraction of the profits from!)

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