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8th Annual Thanksgiving Appeal

Eight years ago, we realized that since Thanksgiving week is kinda slow in the world of ticket sales, we could put the promotional power of Goldstar (what little we had then) to work to support our local homeless services organization, Union Station.  Goldstar members raised over $2000 that year, and we loved it so much we did it the next year, in LA and our then new cities, San Diego and San Francisco.

Today, we’re launching the 2011 version, in 16 cities to almost 2,000,000 Goldstar members.  It’s very exciting, and we’re hoping to break the $100k barrier in total funds raised between now and Sunday.

How can you help, you say?

Go to the Thanksgiving Appeal page or just go to the Goldstar web site and select “Thanksgiving Appeal” at the top of the site, where you normally see your city.  Then donate to the organization in your city, or wherever you’d like.

The thing about the holidays is that for the vast majority of us, even in difficult economic times, we get a moment to stop and reflect on the true blessings in our lives: enough to eat, a warm place to sleep, the ability to pursue a career and enjoy some leisure time.  Even when times are hard, most of us still have the luxury of a roof over our heads and a certainty that when we’re hungry, food will be there for us.  More than that, most of us aren’t plagued by things like mental health trouble or drug addiction on top of not having food or shelter.  Can you imagine the feeling of being under a burden like that?

This is the only time in the year Goldstar does something like this, so we go pretty big on it.  If you’re a Goldstar member, you’ll get an email reminder about this later in the week, but why wait?  Go now and spend 5 minutes to help somebody else’s holiday be a little better by supporting one of these great organizations.

And do me a favor: spread the word!  We don’t do this for money or for PR.  We do it just to do it, and if you think this is a good idea, please do pass it along.

Thanks!  Jim

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